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MS Symptoms?
Mar 19, 2013
Over the past 2 months I have been under extreme stress/anxiety. On January 16th i began having this nerve burning sensation on both inner thighs and top of knees. I also had malaise, achey legs, fatigue, and pain in my groin. I worried myself to death, thinking I had HIV - this consumed my life for a month and a half, finally got tested and it was negative. When I went to my doctor he had some blood work done which came back fine, but he did see that my vitamin D was extremely low. Now I am on vitamin D pills.

Recently I have been extremely fatigued even when i get 8 hours of sleep, have occasional burning sensation/cold/shooting pain on both of my knees at same spot and other parts of leg especially when clothes are touching them. My legs have also been weak and I get the occasional muscle twitch in my arms or legs. I have also felt very foggy.

Does this sound like MS?

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