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It doesn't seem to ever end! I had another appointment with my urologist (who has been seeing me for bladder retention / frequency issues). I mentioned to him that I have been having a pain in my left side for the past several days. I honestly felt that it might be during my hormonal time but felt it was a good idea to at least mention it.

Imagine my surprise when he said to me, "Are you the one who had a small kidney stone show up on your xray?" To which I replies, "Not that I KNOW of!?" I had 2 previous x-rays of my abdomen really to check and see how my bowels looked and whether or not constipation was causing my bladder problems.

So, the doctor leaves the exam room, then comes back and tells me to come with him into his office and view his computer screen. He has my x-ray on his computer. He immediately points out a "calcification" on the left side of my abdomen .... what I would say is very close to where my pain is felt! However, he begins to state how I don't have "typical" symptoms of a kidney stone but we can do another x-ray or a CT scan to be more sure.

I told him to make the call himself since he is the doctor. So, I had another abdominal X-ray (KUB) that day. The next morning, his office called and said that he had noted that it showed a "stable calcification" but that the only way to really know whether or not it is a kidney stone is to do a CT scan. So ... tomorrow, I will be having a CT scan. *sigh*

Any thoughts, comments? Prayers appreciated, as always!


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