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I encourage you to start finding ways to take your mind off this disease. It appears to be eating you alive at this time.....MS is simply a hindrance. Its not life threatening, life shortening or guaranteed to cause you disability. Hundreds of thousands of people live with it daily.

I am not dismissing you. I just think you are overthinking- hyperaware- of your body right now and the best thing for you to do is to "get away from it" by finding ways to may very well need some anti-anxiety drugs to help you over this first hurdle of learning about this disease...the one thing you will find out VERY quickly- is that there is NO NORMAL. MS is a snowflake disease- meaning no two cases have ever been documented exactly snowflakes or finger prints, its different for all of us. Your NP was very kind in reassuring you that this is "normal" but she should have simply explained that normal is different for everyone.

I do not think this is all in your head, please dont read into what Im saying- I just think you spend too much time worrying about "is this normal" and "what does this mean". It means you have MS....and nothing more. Things will happen which will baffle you for the rest of your life (with your body) and some will be Ms related, some wont...but unless they affect your daily activities, unless they stick around for more than 24 hours and really cause you discomfort- youll have to learn to let go and live with the surprises. Eventually, I promise, youll get used to them. Baclofen is one answer to muscle spasticity, however its a lousy answer- as your body gets used to it, youll be on higher and higher doses......stretching is a much better answer. Swimming is also a great solution. If you can find a Y or indoor pool somwhere and start swimming laps- youlll see a huge difference in your body as far as muscle cramping is concerned. Swimming is HIGHLY recommended for MSers.

I want you to meditate- start doing whatever makes you happy and takes your mind off your body- and try to stop worrying. Youre in very good have a great medical team apparently, you have us- and you have a family who loves and supports you. One day at a time...Avonex is your next hurdle and its not exactly easy to get used to- so enjoy this week before you have to start sticking yourself and dealing with interferon side effects- do you know what day the nurse is coming to teach you how to inject?


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