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Hi there,

I just spent the last 15 minutes reading this entire thread, all four pages worth!
I cannot believe how helpful the user named Nik has been in responding to all your worries and concerns... it is awesome how compassionate people can be here on this forum! Awesome to see really.

I just wanted to post my two cents because I had crazy twitching in my face and foot before. But more specifically I had tingling in my left hand and left leg one and a half years ago and it was all due to a pinched nerve. It took awhile for me to figure it out but in a nutshell I fixed it with perfect posture, muscle exercises, running, and good diet. I don't have low vit D but as Nik explained a vit D deficiency will probably cause all the symptoms you are mentioning. Vit D is very important for muscle and bone health.

I dont know if my reply helped at all but I sure can relate to having anxious thoughts and concerns... it is more common than you know... with the popularity of the net and all those med sites, I think they have caused more harm than good sometimes... it just encourages panic and needless worrying.

Please try to get more exercise and check your posture at your computer to start. And trying to be more positive will always do wonders for your health :)

P.S. Pain, especially in the face, can be due to pinched nerves in the back but possibly more so the neck. Do you have a good pillow for sleeping? I would check your pillow. My mom gets face pain from her pinched nerve and she has it in her neck area where it meets her shoulder.

[QUOTE=Boots1967;5164312]Ya I'm going to look into the anxiety route... This left cheek bone is really bothering now though, it's a little pain there now.. I'm going to take a Tylenol and try and get some sleep.[/QUOTE]

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