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I have a question for anyone who has or knows about MS. I have what has been termed the MS hug. It's identical to the symptoms people speak about who have MS. I'm quite aware that not everything is MS, but this hug sensation That I have is so unusual that I can't relate it to anything on the internet except the MS hug. Having said that, I went to a Doctor who ordered an MRI brain and cervical spine. The imaging studies were with contrast. The brain MRI came back showing 2 punctate foci of T2 flair hyperintensity deep with in the right frontal lobe. The T-spine came back negitive; However, no neurologist looked at the images like I have heard they should...only the radiologist. The Doctor says nothing else should be done..basically saying you don't have MS. So, I guess I'm asking if this whole situation should be looked at by a neurologist? Also, I think the C-spine should be imaged for lesions. My imaging studies were done with a 1.5 tesla MRI unit...I've heard the 3 Tesla is better for picking-up lesions...any thoughts out there on this? I also have nystagmus in addition to the rubber band squeezing around my abdomen.

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