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Thank you so much for your correspondence yesterday!

Today I brought in my MRI report from this latest MRI that showed the lesions. It was compared to a MRI from 2012. I just wanted your opinion. It says:

MRI BRAIN: A few punctate foci of T2 prologation are noted within the inferior right frontal subcortical white matter, which are entirely nonspecific and can be seen with early mircrovascular ischemic changes or as a result of migraines. These would not have a typical appearance for demyelination. Otherwise, no additional areas of T2 signal abnormality are seen within the remainder of the brain parenchyma.

So... I guess my question is why, when this doesn't seem "typical" for MS is my neuro sending me to an MS specialist? Although I have heard of lesions that aren't "typical" still being evident of MS and that it just depends on the interpretation. Which I fully understand because of issues of radiologists ready my brain MRI's regarding my Arnold Chiari. At this point I'd almost rather an MS diagnosis than other things it could be. Mainly, because as it looks like I'm going to have to wait for some time to be thoroughly checked and I'm having daily symptoms with my legs, arms and hands that seem to be getting worse. And my fear is that if this is something like Lymes or something else that is better treated early, what the effects of waiting until August to even be seen could be! Today my legs are killing me and my eyeballs feel like they are being pushed from the inside out. All while I sit in my office and my desk TRYING to act like I'm normal.


I called my neuro's office yesterday (2nd day in a row) to see if they could get me in earlier with specialist. They said that they doc is due in the office today and will respond to my message.

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