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Hello everyone,

I realize no one can diagnose MS here but hopefully can offer me some much needed insight :)

About a month ago, I started to have bad dizziness to the point where it felt like vertigo and after it persisted a week, I went to doc. He said I had a little fluid in my ear and a sinus infection and I was presrcribed antibiotics. After several days I was still dizzy but attempted other things such as epley maneuver and seeing my chiro for the neck tension. I had a bad reaction to some Afrin nasal spray in which my heart was racing and I felt like I was going to pass out. My body also felt like it had gone numb especially in my arms ans that is when the problem started.

After that, I was ok but actually wondered if I had a stroke since the heaviness in my arma persisted into the next day. It felt like I couldnt lift my arms and felt funny to write. Fast forward another day and I was feeling better until I went to get ready for a night out with my girlfriends and was attempting to do my hair/makeup when I lost dexterity in my right hand. I could barely pick up my makeup. I was very scared. At dinner that evening, using my fork was also difficult.

That feeling went away the next day although a strange feeling in both hands persisted on occasion; a funny feeling especially when picking things up. I went to see the chiro thinking maybe it was a pinched nerve? He said it could be CNS related. I had some head and neck tension but no pain so a pinched nerve was unlikely. A couple days later, my foot and leg below the knee was numb (pins and needles this time) and then progressed until the entire right side of my body went numb. I saw my MD and he did suggest MS immediately. However he wantes to rule out anxiety first and put me on xanax. I have been on xanax only at night now for about 2 weeks and still have pins and needles in random areas. One night it will be my big toe and the next, both of my hands up to my elbows will be tingling. I m

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