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Hi guys. Thanks for responding. I was rereading my post- and saw all the typos! Sorry! Autocorrect! Anyway... It's the weakness that doesn't stick around all day but the pain and numbness does. I was tested for carpal tunnel and it was negative. I also don't present with typical carpal tunnel according to my PCP and by the doctor doing the test.
I know all of my symptoms are related somehow but jut not sure where it all comes together. A woman I know who studied burning brought up MS and the possibility of MS mimics. I figured the best way to see if anyone was having any similar experiences was asking around here.
I see my PCP one last time tomorrow before I switch doctors... I'm requesting- well demanding ;) vitamin deficiency testing and a few other things I believe he can rule out.
I also meant to mention I have a huge intolerance to medications. Even multivitamins, Tylenol, acid reducers... Everything under the sun. It's ridiculous when I start saying how many issues I'm having out loud. But I know this is far from normal.
I will find a new PCP and a specialist- or several if need be to rule out the have nots and figure out this mess... I appreciate the feedback!
I can't see who said they also had a swallowing issue but can you elaborate? I don't have coughing fits but have weird throat symptoms when I eat or drink things too hot/too cold or too spicy, anything with the potential to upset my stomach... I've always had a weird stomach but this throat thing is newer.
The hands, back and dizziness started about a year and a half to two years ago. Since then new issues have popped up. So whatever this is its getting worse. I'm staying positive and I want to why to the bottom of this!

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