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Re: Freaking out.
May 8, 2013
[QUOTE=Casey31;5170134]Woke up at 4 am like normal but felt an unusual numbness in my right butt cheek, just below and just above. It's progressive spread through my legs and I have very diminished sense of feeling- exactly like novacaine. This has absolutely never happened to me before. And quite frankly is scaring the hell out of me. In trying to calm myself down but that's pretty hard at the moment. Has anyone ever experienced this??? I can walk but I feel heavy and very screwed sense of feeling. From my breast bone down.[/QUOTE]

yeah, most of my problems started one night around 3 am getting up with numb and heavy legs. i felt i m on waterbed. however, i had numbness/tingling in my hands and left upper back for months before that. it is a weird and scary feeling - most of the people i know around haven't experienced numbness! we are unique : D hope yours is just about D deficiency. like you i m still looking for the 'why'.good luck in your search

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