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Hi there. this does NOT say that you dont meet the criteria for MS.

“combination with the lesion arising within the cervical spinal cord would certainly raise the possibility of demyelination although the number of lesions do not meet the criteria at this time. Differential would include post inflammatory, post infectious and vascular etiology. Follow up in 6 months recommended”.

I would think that yes, you very well may be leaning towards MS; however either the lesions you (they) are picking up, are not MS in nature, size, placement, shape- OR they are very clearly from something else (migrane headaches, prior infection, etc). The fact that they are asking to have all the other etiology done, means that they arent ruling out anything for sure- only at this time.

First of all, keep in mind, most of us have had MS for probably five plus years before being dx....even if a year from now, they say "Yes, its MS" its not going to have made a difference if you had heard it a year earlier. Its not curable- and its a very slow progression- if you truly think that something is wrong, you might be right. If you truly think its MS- you might be right- but even if someone confirmed it today- it wouldnt change anything.

Eat right. Exercise as much as you can safely. If warm showers, baths, etc make you cognitively impaired (and that happens even without Optical neuritis) take tepid ones. Try to get extra rest. Take vitamins, but do not go crazy with them. Stay away from herbs and things which are not regulated. Start keeping a journal of how you feel, how long symptoms last, what- if anything- makes you feel better (a nap, tylenol, cold pack, etc) and sit tight. July isnt really that far away. Unless you have a major problem between now and then, you really cant do anything about this. In the US, it would take 3-6 months to see a MS specialist too. July really isnt so bad. I know this is scary. I hear your fear; but MS is a very livable disease and it doesnt have to change your life unless you let it.

Relax. Either way, its not life threatening and you will be okay.....breathe deeply and try to get through this. Read some of the posts here, you will see that you are not alone in your fear, but you will also see that people manage their lives just fine while having MS...ok??

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