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There are thousands of combinations of what a brain MRI should look like. In many cases, the white spot is SUPPOSED to be there- in others, it isnt. Depending on where it is- and the size, shape and placement- it could be a lesion (which is nothing more than a scar from a prior incident) from MS or a migrane headache. Prior head trauma or prior infection can also leave white spots. Not all white spots are from MS. Even the supposed MS brain scans you say you have seen, doesnt mean that everything you saw is caused by MS and doesnt mean that everything you saw, some of which shouldnt be there...

A radiologist goes to school for ten years. Please dont even bother looking at your MRI scans- or anyone else's- youll NEVER be able to read it without proper education.

Just another point to ponder- MS lesions glow white under contrast IF they are active lesions. Active means "happening at the time of the test and usually causing a new symptom which is currently showing up". As a lesion is no longer active- or when a symptom has gotten "old" (usually that doesnt mean you no longer have it because permanent damage from MS can mean a symptom is a with you forever) it will no longer glow and it will show up as a milky white, less bright spot on the films. This is why a doctor will order a MRI with contrast when a patient is currently experiencing a symptom. they want to see if something shows up glowing- active- bright white on the film.

I dont know if that helps or confuses you more. I hope it helps...but the moral to the story is no two brain MRIs are ever going to look the same. Some white spots should be there, while others will only appear depending on contrast.

Trust your doctor and do not compare yourself to other patients, ok??

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