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Need advice
May 26, 2013
Hi all. Well I have been in pain for about 6 years. It has continuously gotten worse and spread all over. What began as tingling and burning in my neck and shoulder blades and feet has spread to my lower back, hips, lower legs, toes, hands, wrists. I was hit from behind years ago (Car accident) and got just a headache, soon after my neck issues started. I figured it was my job working at an animal shelter. That is when my foot problems began. Summer was the worst because I would wear flip flops, figured plantar faciitis. Now they hurt all the time. I work retail and hospital and do stand a lot. For approx. a year now I have been hurting a lot, esp, after getting home and sitting at all I can barely move or straighten up. Exhaustion is intense. After a short walk, esp. going up my hill I can barely make it I am so weak. It takes me a few hours to recover. My head is foggy and I forget the dumbest things, esp. short term stuff. Things like my daughters boyfriends name etc. I will feel so perplexed and lost. Bending my head down does not cause electrical shocks, but I get fuzzy in my head and lightheaded. I cannot look up without supporting my head. I did have an xray that shoes some deterioration of discs in my neck and the cartilage between the discs. Mt hands and legs feel swollen but they aren't, I have tingling sensations all over my arms and legs and feel like water is being shook on me from the dogs, tiny drops. I now have sharp shooting pains in my feet my lower legs, my hands and my wrists. The burning and pain in my shoulders is now constant. I was set for an EMG and an insurance issue forced me to change the appt. when I told doc I wanted to get another appt. she made me one for an Ortho Doc. That is on the 4th of June. I have been tested for thyroid, rheumatoid, lyme all negative. I am not convinced...I am suspecting Lyme, MS, Fibro. What do you guys think???? Appreciate any advice and help. TY

Oh I almost forgot I have had 2 bouts of vertigo, I can no longer go on anything that moves other than a car. I feel spacey and off balance a lot and have almost fallen, that comes and goes and is not constant.

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