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Hi everyone,

Although I have visited this board many times, I have never posted but have been so comforted by reading others posts. I have decided that it's best to come on out of hiding and put my story out. And although I'm scared, confused and has already helped so much just knowing that I'm posting about my issues.

It all started about 7 years ago. I ended up having some vertigo issues with pain through my sinuses. The end diagnosis was a shortened SCM muscle and I was treated successfully by a chiropractor and massage therapy. To "rule out" anything else, an MRI was conducted on my brain. At that time, I was referred to neuro due to lesions found. After numerous physical testing and a spinal tap, the neuro told me that he wasn't sure what the lesions came from, but that he ruled out MS due to the location of the lesions.

I do need to back track just a little...about 2 years before that, both of my feet started tingling and have never stopped.

Since that time, I have experienced muscle twitches, mostly in my legs, neck pain, headaches, stiff muscles (mostly in my calves), lack of concentration, ringing in my ears (permanent), a numb area in the middle of my back (left side of spine), temperature sensitivity, noise sensitivity and light sensitivity.

I was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Last summer, I was put on Prilosec for LPR reflux. The next month, I was at the doctors office due to difficulty using my legs. They felt as if they were swollen and every single nerve was alive and screaming in them. She put me on short term gabapentin which helped, but I still felt "off".

In January, they found a nodule on my thyroid. After biopsy, it was found to be benign, but something that needs to be monitored.

In February and March, I started having sharp pains in my feet and occasionally my hands. I developed a terrible anxiety, mostly health related. I felt pins and needles throughout my body. My sinuses even tingled. My limbs felt swollen and stiff.

In April, my ENT informs me that he doesn't want to keep me on the Prilosec due to the fact that it "can suck the minerals out of my bones". I get online to research and sure leaches calcium, potassium, B12 and magnesium out of the body. I took myself off of it.

In the same month, I had a routine eye exam. During the glaucoma testing, the numbers (whatever they're measuring) were elevated in my right eye. Not to the point of further testing, but something the doctor wants to watch.

After I went off the Prilosec, I initially felt better. I started to take supplements in an effort to replenish my lost minerals. Unfortunately, it didn't last long.

Which brings me to the present. I still have the tingling feet, the ringing in my ears, the numb spot on my back, the stiff neck muscles. But I have also started to get these weird "bubbly shaky sensations" down my spine. That's the only way I can describe it. I also feel like my insides are shaking (mostly in my arms and torso). Around my mouth and cheeks feels quivery. My right arm has developed almost a tendonitis feeling from the top down into a few of my fingers. The stiffness this causes makes it difficult to write sometimes. A few times that hand and/or fingers have shook when trying to do something in particular. I couldn't tolerate it when we had a heat wave and felt like I was going to pass out. On the flip side, it's now cooler and I can't get warm. I've also developed a on/off small spasm in my throat. I get electrical "buzzing", mostly in my feet. I sometimes can't speak and find myself slurring for a second. That doesn't happen often, but freaks me out when it does.

I do have a tendency to walk around stiff, with my shoulders tightened and sometimes my lower back and legs clenched as well. I'm not sure why I do this, but have been doing it for years.

So over the years, I have chalked up many of these things to fibromyalgia, but am really starting to wonder now. I'm really confused and honestly, just dang tired. I'm reluctant to start testing again, mostly because last time, they had my anxiety so desperately high and then at the end I didn't get any answers anyway.

I'm honestly leaning towards MS but feel that Parkinson's might be a possibility also. I mean, I know it's something and I've never been able to grasp the whole fibromyalgia idea.

Again, I'm just glad to actually be able to finally have the courage to even sit here and put this into words. And I have all of you to thank for that. You have been a big support to me even though you didn't know it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. And thanks for this forum, it truly is a blessing.

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