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Ok so yet another update. After CT scan the Dr. Found no blood clot (yay) but did find out that the ventricles on my right side are smaller than the left? Not sure what this means or if its anything to be concerned about. The Dr said it could have been due to the Bell's palsy I had as a child, or my prior bout with intercranial hypertension, or it could have been just a congenital defect I was born with. However she diagnosed me (again) with the intercranial hypertension put me on Diamox 500 mg 2x a day to start then retest spinal pressure to adjust medication. As for the dystonia in my face and the spastic hemofacial ticks she put me on a med that is rare the pharmacy didn't even have and had to order. Not sure the name as of yet still waiting for it to come in. She also suggest me get Botox shots in my face to control the spasms... Kinda nervous about this because of all the horror stories of faces freezing not sure if its worth the risk.
Thanks for sharing your update.

Unfortunately things that happen in our childhood can carry forward forever. My sister had a congenital heart defect which did not present until she was 36 years old. It has been repaired, but she will have some lasting concerns.

If the spasms in your face are not affecting your quality of life or disabling you, the Botox would only be a temporary thing and would have to be repeated every 6 months or so. There have been studies looking into the long term side effects of Botox. As long as you make an informed decision based upon what is best for you personally, then you should not have any worries.

I get ticks on the right side of my face, but I also get droopy face on the right side too. I usually just see them as annoyances and if I do not look in the mirror, about 90% of my droopy face presentations do not affect my life. The other 10%, though, can be severe enough that I have trouble eating my food and I have to be careful not to bight my right cheek. I will chew food on my left side and it all goes away within 3-5 days. :angel:

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