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[QUOTE=cglancs;5189606]Hi I'm new to all this and never posted in this kind of forum before.

I am pretty sure that I have ms, although its difficult to get a gp to take me seriously. It started off around 5 years ago although some of the symptoms have been around much longer. I seem to have a lot of things going on with my body, frequent urination, pins and needles, blurred vision, dropping things, feeling off balance, fatigue, sleepleness. Since around November of last year ive noticed that things seemed to be getting worse - the pain was more intense, I sometimes only get one hour of sleep a night. Spend a lot of time going backwards and forwards to the toilet. Pins and needles seemed to become more intense. Then I started to have problems when eating, food or liquid would seem to get stuck in my throat, thankfully now it doesn't happen very often but I do get a lot of clicking in my jaw both sides when I eat.

I went back to my gp because of all of this and because I was worried that I had started to get pins and needles in my head, which is a really strange feeling. I also started getting it in my torso, and I found that If I get too warm or sneeze it can bring it on. I have pain all over my body now and pins and needles, have started to get goose bumps in a patch on my arm almost daily at the moment. My gp just prescribed antidepressants and told me to try and loose weight.

I went back after being in so much pain down the left hand side of my body from my hip down to my foot. that I have hardly been unable to leave the house for almost 5 weeks, all she did was send me home after telling me to loose weight. I asked her if it could be ms and she just said there was no way that It could be that. As its very rare for someone of my age to have it - im 40.

Ive noticed when I talk I struggle to get the words out, and there are long pauses. Also when I try and type or write a check I make silly mistakes.

I did have a brain scan around 5 years ago and nothing showed except for some white spots which I am told this is normal.

Something is wrong with me, but I feel like so stuck and unable to get any help.[/QUOTE]

First off welcome. I am fairly new to these boards myself. I have yet to be diagnosed with anything. The only reason I was able to see a neurologist is because I was hospitalized for what they thought was a stroke. I have had two episodes of right side paralysis. During these episodes I lose ability to form thoughts or words. Etc. my neurologist hasn't really done much to help me. He keeps telling me this should all clear up and to away like right side paralysis on two separate occasions is normal and nothing to worry about. I took matters into my own hands and got a referral for a second opinion. My appointment with my new neurologist isn't until July 23 so I shall see then if my new doctor will be of more help.

I'm so sorry that your doctor really isn't listening to you or really giving you the time of day. I have dealt with my fair share of doctors like that and I know how frustrating it can be. If I were you I would personally look for a new doctor. Maybe find a doctor who will actually listen and take you a little more seriously. No one knows you like you know yourself. Whether it be MS or something else, if you feel like something isn't right keep trying. I'm in the same situation. I know something isn't right but finding a doctor that listens, even a specialist that listens, is tough.

I sure hope you are able to find some answers and this board is great to come to. The people here are so nice and informative. Best wishes for the future.

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