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Hi, All:

As some of you know, I was diagnosed on May 13, 2013 following a bout of ON. The ON resolved with vision in the affected eye returning to 20/25. Thinking back, my first clinical presentation was likely a year earlier when I had a buzzing/numbing sensation in both feet. This resolved fully after a few weeks.

An MRI of the brain, neck and spinal cord revealed several brain lesions (mostly in areas the MS specialist said I will never feel), definitely one but possibly two in the cord and one in the brain stem. My question has to do with the location of the lesions and how that relates to disease classification and progression. For instance, can someone with RRMS, which is the classification I was given, have spinal and brain stem lesions? Or are those locations more typical of PPMS? I presently don't have any mobility issues and everything to date has been sensory and visual. The MS specialist unequivocally said I have RRMS and not PPMS, however, the locations of my lesions scare me a bit. I read that those with RRMS can have spinal lesions but that suggests a quicker progression.

I realize that, like everything with this disease, each case is different and unpredictable. I am just curious to know whether others with RRMS also have spinal cord and/or brain stem lesions.

Thank you,

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