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So, I began having stomach and back cramping about a month ago. Went to the doc convinced it was diverticulitis since I had been dx'd with that in the past. Two antibiotics given. After several days, there was no change in cramping, plus I was dizzy and having vertigo episodes so I got off meds. Symptoms continue. About a week in, my ankles/feet were swelling. One evening on way home from work, left calf/foot tingling. By later that evening, left leg felt like a log and like it was five times the size of my other leg; dead weight. Next day I started having right arm pain from shoulder down to fingers. Last two fingers cramped, curled under and I had to physically uncurl them with my other hand. During these couple weeks, dizziness/vertigo continues, plus waking up with cramping in toes (both feet) and cramping in the arch of my foot (OUCH!) Made an appmt with neuro. I am a court reporter and at work one day, two attys came up to bench to talk to the judge. I could not even understand what was going on...sounded like a foreign language, kind of, but not really a language at all ... I just could not process what they were saying. I kind of had an anxiety attack when I realized I couldn't understand, I left immediately and drove myself to ER. Dx'd with inner ear. That night, my back had intense pain/cramping and felt like electricity ran down both my legs and the bottom of my feet were warm. I went to ER (different one) very next morning. Same dx ... inner ear, but go see neuro. Went to see neuro last Tuesday. He says MS. He never even suggested it could be anything else. He said the different sides of the body being affected lined up and said the language thing was "classic MS". (Oh, yeah, when I went to ER the second time, I felt like I was doped up or drunk. I could not talk right and my speech was slurring, could not hardly keep my eyes open and just out of it.) Neuro, of course, say we had to do brain MRI and LP and bloodwork to confirm, which I will get results tomorrow morning (Tuesday, Aug 13). He set me up for MRI that very night (last Tuesday) and LP for last Thursday. Put me on medical leave for this past week due to vertigo, etc. Went to my son's scrimmage on Saturday from 10 a.m. to the time it was over I had kind of what I would describe as an all-over body tremor. I was shaking from head to toe. My legs were just too weak to get down bleachers by myself and I was wet with sweat. My ex helped me down. I was WIPED out the whole rest of day. Went to grocery store yesterday, and after 30 minutes of walking my left ankle all the way up to my knee hurt. I could not walk without a "limp." My dtr was with me and she says I was "swaying" walking from side to side in the aisles. I did feel off balance, which I've felt for months now, but didn't know it was noticeable. When I think back, I started having fairly consistent dizziness/vertigo about seven months ago. I have tripped/fallen several times in the last year and maybe even more, even had that right arm shoulder pain with third and fourth finger cramping/tingling show up 3 years ago, along with a constant high-pitch noise in my right ear, which has never subsided. It is more noticeable some days than others but has never went away. That showed up 3 years ago about the same time as right arm/shoulder. BUT what is so scary is the last month I seem to have new and worse symptoms every day. How long can an episode last? Am I just going to continue to decline??? Very scary and yet still no concrete results to confirm the dx but can't imagine what else could be going on. Will go to doc in the morning for results.
Hey again -
So doc says not all tests are back but brain MRI was clear, no "active" lesions or any "radiographical" evidence of MS. The O-bands test from the LP are not in yet...says they should be in this afternoon, but he says my protein levels, glucose, etc. are all within normal ranges, which tends to make MS less likely. He says the puzzling thing is that I'm having the types of symptoms (including the speech) thing that really lines up with MS. He's a neurosurgeon (long story on how I got in to see him) so he definitely is referring me to a neuro and says he can't rule out MS but that it's looking more and more unlikely, especially depending on the results of O-bands he's hoping to get back this afternoon.

I let my impatience get the better of me. I wanted a label, some meds, bada-bing, get back to work, get on with my life. I hate to say I'm disappointed because nobody WANTS a disease, especially MS, but the last thing I wanted to hear is "We don't know," which really I should have expected. I obviously know I'm not crazy. I am concerned and disappointed because I have to go back to work on Thursday and I still have all symptoms that put me on medical leave in the first place!! Plus, when I got up this morning, I felt like I had the flu. Actually checked to see if I had fever bc I felt soo bad, aching and hurting all over. I was so thankful I did not have to find an outfit, fix my hair, put on make-up, go to work and actually try to accomplish things like I felt good. In my mind, all I had to do is go get my "label" and get some meds and be on with it. Now it all seems so silly, but also now I've gotta figure out how to go back to work with the myriad of symptoms and try to act normal and keep my mind on my job!!! Soooo frustrated. Guess I just needed to vent.

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