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Hi all...all my symptoms started about a week ago as I was on the computer..I was playing an online game and felt a weird shock-like sensation at the base of my rear neck...I got really nervous and felt sweaty right away. Soon after my neck and upper traps felt really tight and painful, although for the most part the pain has subsided almost completely, although I do still have a constant muscle tightness in that area. My next symptom seemed to be a weird tingly sensation, as if bugs were crawling on me...this happened erratically, but seemed to happen on my arms and face for the most part. Soon after that, I started having right sided temple headaches and it seemed to stay in the same spot, right over my right temple. And now my muscles are twitchy, mostly right arm and wrist area, with an occasional twitch on my back shoulder blade area. I don't have health insurance, so having big money tests run isn't something I can afford at this point. I'm 45 years old and I'm a caregiver to my father who stroked out just over 5 years ago, so anxiety is a big issue with me...I had a bout with anxiety and panic attacks about 8 years ago, years before my dad's health issues. Anyway, any opinions are appreciated. Thank you.

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