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Hi Nikki,

Thanks so much for the info!

No they only did the brain MRI for the facial pain. I know they used contrast but I do not think they were looking for lesions. They did not do a spine MRI. I think the last time I had that one was 5 or 6 years ago. Not only was I wondering about the face pain in terms of the MS symptoms, but also my bladder issues which started last year and also the restless legs symptoms. I can't help and wonder if it is all related.
When MsJayHawk suggested looking for an MS specialist, I google searched and my doctor popped up. I have been seeing different physicians assistants at his office and I was thinking maybe they aren't taking my previous history into account when diagnosing. I will actually be seeing the doctor at my next appointment because the PA can't understand why my TN isn't responding to the meds I have been on, I am on my 3rd.
I just don't want the doctor to think I have lost my mind if I mention this to him. I already feel a little crazy with this facial pain. It's nothing like I have ever experienced and nothing helps. I almost think if its MS related then these meds wouldn't work. Now my legs feel so crawly, itchy, my muscles are so tight and it's painful to walk. My left leg is numb completely on the top. Restless legs? It sounds so stupid to say this, but I feel so lost and depressed. I appreciate everyone who has tried to guide me here.:angel:

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