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Hi all,

I've been loitering here for sometime, and thought after a few weeks I'd reach out for some advice, help and guidance on my symptoms that have developed over the past 3 months. Firstly I've not been dx with MS but I am obviously quite concerned that they appear to mimic MS, especially after chatting to the dreaded DR Google!!!!

Late June 2013: Lightheaded for about 3 weeks with a throbbing pulse like sensation in the extremities– visited GP and was told Vertigo, but I didn't have the spinning, just a spaced out sensation. Was given Dogmatil a anti depressed that works on Vertigo symptoms (It worked, lightheaded symptom gone)

July : Finished course of tablets and slowly developed a tingling in the same extremities (socks and gloves area) hands mostly, that developed into morning 'numbness'. I use the word loosely has they weren't totally numb just the slight sensation of slightly asleep with blood rushing into the limb. This persisted for and became an issue for about 2 weeks, with odd bi-lateral tingling, buzzing and tight skin sensations in my fingers, forearms and shins of all places. Visited GP who booked me in for a EMG and to see a Neurologist in September.

Early Aug : Developed the light-headedness again, this time with nausea, I was on holiday at the time, I felt so bad I visited ER. Told the Trauma Doctor my symptoms and strangely he asked had I had a head or neck injury in the last 3 years – I had, I was knocked unconscious from a blow to the back of the head 1 year ago. He suspected a herniated cervical disc or bulging disc. Given Dogmatil again, which again worked on the Vertigo and nausea. Legs and arms still tight, buzzing and tingling though.

Mid Aug : Buzzing and tingling easing slightly in my extremities but now have odd pins stabs all over but only really if I exert myself. Odd muscle twitching too, legs, face and stomach mainly.

Currently: constant light-headedness and occasional nausea, the faintest buzz in my extremities, the tingling is faint too, the odd twitch and tightness in odd places, face & back! Its strange I can have good days and bad, wake with mild symptoms or wake with worse! If I sit for too long my symptoms, especially the tingling and buzzing is bad enough for me to have to move. In bed my symptoms ease to almost nothing (except when I wake of course – that's the current lottery of will I be bad or good today!)

I dont have any of the following for the record: Balance issues, heat intolerance, walking issues, coordination issues, vision problems and weakness in any of the limbs (even when 'numbish'), or suffer from fatigue, if anything I cant sleep!

For me the anxiety of the symptoms and the possible causes are distressing, the symptoms are annoying if pushed for an answer but are never painful. I no-doubt have pushed myself towards anxiety over this which isn't helping.... but its the not knowing whats going on with a before healthy, fit body thats driving me crazy..... your wisdom is most welcome!

Small update: When to Doc's yesterday still complaining of light-headedness and nausea, she said she would refer me to A&G to rule out anything sinister in the brain area. Bloodwork checked, all very normal, Neuro test passed, CT Scan clear (I know that CATS arn't good at picking up MS lesions but it rules out larger nasties).

So here I am!

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