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Canada runs different from the US in many ways. A face-to-face meeting with your university support services would certainly help as you would not be a mere "number" but a number with a face.

You can also check your local MS Society there to see if they have any programs in your area which might assist you albeit some may only be available after a diagnosis.

As a student at the university when I was finally diagnosed, I was fortunate that my university had a medical school and the MS Specialist arranged for my tests so that they did not interfere with my class schedule. I was working part-time on campus in the cafeteria; therefore, this was not a problem to miss work. In fact, my tests were done during the fall break and all were in-house. As to my professors, I was allowed to finish my exams later and took them in my professors' offices. I was also able to take a couple of incomplete's and allowed to complete coursework into the next semester.

It is not easy to know what the future will hold or holds for you when you are dealing with the unknown issues. You might have to change your major or not. You might have something which simply mimics MS. What is important to know is that you are not alone and you can get through this. Just because your dad has MS does not mean that you have MS. There are some families who may be predisposed to certain autoimmune diseases or concerns, but there is nothing genetically connecting MS from one generation to the next. STudies show that the highest risk of MS would be if you had a blood sibling with MS and this risk is still statistically insignificant. :angel:

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