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Sep 9, 2013
Hi everyone, hope all are well-I had a ton of blood work done and all is normal, very normal. I raised my B12 level from 850 to 1350 in a few months taking supplements.

The rheumatologist wont see me because my bloodwork is fine, they have huge waiting lists and no longer see people with fibromyalgia and chronic pain-I have yet to hear the word Fibromyalgia from my doctor.

I have an appointment with the neurologist on Oct 30, he specializes in stroke, neuromuscular issues, and MS. The gabapentin has worked great on me so far. I was having the sharp nerve pain in my feet and hands daily and it has lessened a lot. The muscle aching and tightness in my legs and arms is better too, less fatigue. Could be the cooler weather too I suppose. I did have the sensation of hair on my big toe, though there was nothing, lasted for awhile, just a light, feather-like sensation. The only thing that hasn't been helped is my muscle pain in my shoulders through my back-I do believe that is caused by my neck degeneration.

All in all I have improved, so I am happy. I wonder if I should be taking the gabapentin as I get closer to my appointment as it is hard to show him what hurts and bothers me the most if my symptoms are masked by drugs-any ideas?


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