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Your local MS Association or Society office should have a list of MS Specialists in your area. As your friend already has a diagnosis, I do not think you can get into see a new neuro much more quickly than 3 months.

Other than a clinical trial for an unapproved med, Tecfidera would be the most recent. Alternative practices and/or supplements, in my opinion are a waste of your money. The DMDs do not stop MS lesions.

"She is starting to feel numbness in a couple of fingers so we are very worried." Numbness can cycle in and out of your life. I experience quite often. It can be temperature induced or could be a lesion caused. When I get numbness in my hands or feet in the summer I soak them in cold water. During the winter months (when- for me- the temp drops below 52F/11.11 C), I wear some insulated gloves.

I would encourage your friend to keep a symptom journal. I have found that keeping a log of my MS has helped me discover my MS triggers, which, if I can avoid them, reduces my MS troubles. :angel:

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