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You certainly did get ill quite fast, and I have some thoughts that might help you. Since sed rate and CRP are so non-specific tests indicating inflammation, that should really be pursued. You clearly have something going on that is not anxiety, and I would not let anyone pass this off as that. One of the things that can mimic MS is lupus, and several of your symptoms could fit with that, depending on what the MRI brain lesions look like and why your neuro said if you have MS it isn't classic. Lupus can cause memory issues, fever, fatigue, tachycardia, cough, dizziness, shortness of breath, basically every symptom you have, inc. high sed rate and CRP. A rheum usually does the workup for it but your PCP or neuro could at least order an ANA blood test, which might be a start. Another illness that should be considered is sarcoidosis, pretty uncommon, and usually affects the lungs and lymph nodes. Was your chest CT perfectly normal? Sometimes after childbirth, pituitary and other hormones go awry, and I would also look for excess thyroid hormones and Hashimoto's thyroiditis (blood tests) that can cause many of your symptoms as well. You can find some initial info on those things online. I would also ask to have anti-phospholipid antibodies checked on blood, in case the brain lesions are from tiny strokes or emboli, which can fit with lupus.
One thing I would do starting right now: keep a daily timeline of all symptoms, medications and tests done. Get a written copy of all reports, like labs, and a CD of any imaging studies for your own records. This is going to be complex, and you need to be the clearinghouse for all your information, reports, etc. or it will become a nightmare for you. The pituitary needs checked out but may be unrelated to all of this. Elevated aldosterone, if slight and not causing high BP, is probably the least of the problems. I would ask the neuro to explain more to you about the lesions and why she said you weren't "classic" MS.

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