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Kim, you wrote [I]( come to find out the neurologist i first seen only ran a test for ms in this spinal tap ) Never looked at anything else . [/I] Since there is no test for MS which is done via any means- this cant be accurate. He had to have run tests to check for Obands or for infection in the CSF. (central spinal fluid).

You also wrote [I]I have now lost my health insurance probably do to having to use it for the first time [/I], this is also impossible. They cannot cancel your health insurance because you used it....there has to be another reason.

Lastly, you wrote [I]where can i find the list of diseases that mimic ms ( Because that is what they re thinking this is ) & do these disease's all have lesions in the brain because i have read about some of them however none say anything about lesions[/I]. Im not sure how to help you with this one. The list of diseases which mimic MS are endless. Things like Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, certain infections of the brain like PML or Meningitis and things which are not at all worrisome, like certain strains of tick bites, flus, and travel bugs... NOT all the diseases have lesions in the brain. A lesion, is a scar. MS is an autoimmune disease- the body attacks itself, and what is left behind is a scar on the central nervous system (brain, spine, eyes) which glows under MRI- this is known as a lesion. They are simply scars....MS or Multiple Sclerosis translates to many scars... Youre not going to find alot of reasons why a lesion would show up: head trauma, infection, some migranes, and MS are the ones which come to mind- however a trained Radiologist or Neurologist and almost all MS specialists look at placement, size, shape of the scar (or lesion) to decide if it is MS like in appearance...

There is criteria used to diagnose MS. It is called the Revised McDonald criteria- and you can research that.

Most importantly, you state that you are getting used to the run around and you are not stressed over this. I think you might be more stressed than you are aware of. You certainly present like you are stressed, and more importantly, you have EVERY REASON TO BE STRESSED! Anxiety and stress can also be a disease which mimics MS....both or either of them can cause all the symptoms which you have listed.

I really hope you get answers, but I really hope the answer isnt dont need more stress in your world at this time. Try to get your health insurance reinstated, youre going to need it, as there are many more tests in your future, if you decide to pursue this...

I wish you well.

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