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Hi All,

I am new to this, undiagnosed and confused and this will be quite a long post,

In brief, May 2012 become very ill:
Rushed to A.E, 3 times with seizure type episodes, ataxia in my legs and confusion, and cognitive impairment:

Was sent to a Neuro Hopsital for testing these are as follows:
EEG Normal no epilepsy apparent
EMG Normal
Bloods Normal
ECG Normal
Lumbar P Normal
MRI revealed 6 bright spots (hypertensities) and a blurred area near my sinus. marked as normal by neuro as the brights spots were non specific. And spine revealed narrowing of the c5-c6. it states to be repeated as the spasms I was having caused some blurriness on images. This did not happen!!!! and was never repeated.

Bringing up to date

3 months ago was very ii again very off balance, slurred speech, miss use of words, numbness, tingling, seizures (non epileptic) and I walked like I was drunk, then my vision went in my left eye for two hours or so, and resumed to normal the next day. Keep getting chills, and general aches and pains, then the last two weeks had spontanious vomiting without nausea, mainly mornings (defo not pregnant), however, My recent bloods revealed low vitamin d and I was prescribed Vit d3. I have since stop taking these as I thought they were the cause of the vomiting? not sure but sickness has eased off. I have regular headaches daily, but not really bad ones.
I saw my g.p who referred for another mri of brain, (am still awaiting results) Neuro ruled out M.S and all other conditions last November? even though my spine hasn't been done, apart from the one in May which was blurred and never repeated, and still marked as normal?

I have lost my balance and stumbled a good few times, I was seen in A&E recently who ruled out a stroke as before. They said I needed to see a neuro, expect I had been discharged last year and my G.P hasn't referred back.

I am getting somewhat concerned and wondered if this may be a brain tumor rather than m.s as they originally suspected. But had been ruled out.

Could it still be m.s or similar? could the neuro of missed something? could the bright spot/s be cancer? my symptoms appear to mimic both. However can you have periods of time where symptoms are less if it was a tumor? as you can with M.S, I am unsure whether the coming and going of bad episodes would be cancer or not?. I know very little about brain tumors and always thought that once the symptoms kicked in, that the tumor is normally picked up well?

Sorry but I am at a loss, I really am getting to the end of my tether and feeling very un well. Hopefully maybe someone one here could answer some of my questions. thank you all very much

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