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If you have had ON, then there may be lesions now or lesions might have been missed. A VEP is what I had in 2002 which caused my neuro to add my t-spine to an MRI order. While I had lesions, there were too many to count. WHat helped, however, was the contrast which allowed my neuro to locate active lesions on my t-spine. As to the lesion size, while it is true that MS lesions do have certain size/shape, it is not set in stone. The MRI remains a non-specific test for MS. If the MRI could see a lesion and define it as 100% MS or age or _____, then the doctor would have more to go on. Because MS is not textbook, the doctor cannot tell if you have MS or do not have MS based on an MRI.

You may need to wait for your MRI results to compare the images. You might need to ask for another MS Specialist if this current one is not meeting your needs. :angel:

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