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Hi. I would like to give you a history of what I have experienced over the past year and a half (previously healthy, no medical conditions what so ever)
April 22 2012. I went to emerg because I was experiencing dizziness and my upper arms and upper legs were tingling. Multiple tests were done including blood work, ct scan, ekg for my heart, all of which came back normal. I was sent home with a diagnoses of anxiety.

OK I could live with that. A couple weeks later, I went to emerg again because the right side of my body (from my face, to my arm, to my leg) went tingly and slightly numb. I thought I was having a stroke. This doctor referred me for an mri, to rule out ms. My family dr said in her opinion the mri was normal (there was one unremarkable spot) nothing of which would cause any of my symtoms. Again, they said stress was the probably cause.

Over the next few weeks I experienced extreme weakness in my arms, mostly my right. I also had a lot of pain and a feeling of pressure in the back of my head and neck. I had a lot of headaches. May 2012, I continued these feelings of slight numbness in my face, felt lightheaded and dizzy all the time. June I started having difficulty swallowing and shortness of breath. I even had joint pain at which I was again sent for bloodwork to test for lyme disease and other deficiencies all of which came back normal. June 14 2012, I had chest pain, difficulty swallowing, my tongue felt weird and weak. When I would try and sleep I would wake up and it felt like I forgot how to swallow and had to force myself. In July I saw a chiropractor, I got xrays which showed cervical kyphosis (reverse of natural c curvature in neck)So we thought this could be the source of all my problems.

Eventually my tingling went away, but I would still have weakness, arms, legs, mostly my right side of my body. My tongue, throat. Its been over a year since regular chiro adjustments and I still have weakness. Feb of this year I was having shortness of breath, and the right side of my body felt weak and droopy. I even thought my eye and mouth looked droopy. This continued over the next couple months. I have been very anxious about what could be wrong with me. I experienced weakness in my tongue and I find it hard to swallow. I feel like I am slurring my words even though no one has said anything to me. My hands and legs still feel weak (but I can still run, like I just ran 4 km yesterday) My hands feel weak, and sometimes hard to open. So tell me does this sound at all MS or anxiety?

Currently I am experiencing lightheadedness like a pressure in my head and I feel off balance, Also have sinus pressure, I think I have a compressed nerve because my pinky and ring fingers in both hands tingle and feel slightly numb sometimes. I can press on this nerve and feel the tingling get worse as I press on them (both arms). This has had an affect on my coordination.

Also forgot to mention I was referred to neurologist who did an exam and said it was perfectly normal. But he sent me for a cervical spine MRI just to make sure we weren't missing anything because of all my neck issues. This was done in May. Finally just followed up with him this month and he said my MRI showed nothing except a slight disc bulge that wouldn't be causing any problems. No lesions. Also did another exam, everything was normal.

I am concerned about this was nonspecific spot on my brain though. I feel like u should go back for a follow up brain MRI but my neuro didn't think it was necessary and said that I do not have ms. Why is this so difficult for me to accept?

I'm still having symptoms. Dizziness, trouble concentrating. Eye strain. Shortness of breath. Lump in throat sensation won't go away. Still having feelings of weakness as well. I had a panic attack last night and I'm tired of feeling this way. Any suggestions?

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