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Hi! I'm a 21 year old female and I really need advice so PLEASE bear with my details and help! Okay so for a few years now (since I have been in college and I'm a senior) I have been going to the doctor for various things various times. Every time I pretty much come up with nothing. My parents at this point think I'm a hypocondriac but I'm not! I used to be the biggest health freak never sick always active etc. I know something isn't right.

A few weeks back my mom called saying "I think you have MS!" I didn't know much about it, but I knew it was big and said no way you are overreacting. Well in health class a few days ago MS came up. My teacher gave the top ten signs and I had every single one. That freaked me out, but what I realized is when I kept going to the doctor it would be for only one or two of the symptoms. For example my mom has diabetes so the constant pins and needles feeling in my hands and feet, dizziness/light-headed/vertigo, and having to urinate way too frequently I figured it had to be something with that. Went twice did the bloodwork twice and nothing. Same with "must have chronic migraines" with headaches and blurry vision hurting eyes etc.
the problem is I don't want to scare my parents with this conversation if it's not legitimate that I might have it. They already think I'm overreacting with all the other failed visits.

Ill list my symptoms but first I'm an active girl, I make it a point to eat right with a lot of bananas, fiber, water, etc. I used to be an athlete, but now I stay active with like dance and yoga but not as intense.

-Pins and needles feeling in hands and feet (constant, every day)
-Occasional numbness especially pinky and ring finger plus that side of my hand, as well as thumb sometimes (like now laying in my bed with phone in hands fingers are numb in the back, forearms sore) sometimes cheeks too
-sore muscles like I did some huge workout when I haven't in a long time. Like holding arms up for not that long but they'll give in, a lot of stairs they get worn out faster
-cramping despite my efforts of being hydrated, eating bananas, hot baths, massaging, etc I always get cramps. In my hands and feet especially. My left outside toes are always cramping. Left calf muscle also has a before Charlie horse feeling that's constantly there no matter how much I stretch it
-pain moving eyes (left eye hurts more)
-blurry vision, double vision sometimes, and sometimes a glowing/shimmery vision
-light headed, dizziness, vertigo are very frequent
-always have to urinate, it's so annoying, incontinence too
-constipation, but I have fiber bars and water ALL day
-pain during sex
-fatigue (even after full nights sleep multiple nights in a row, and I'm on adderal for add which usually will wake me up, by the afternoon I can sleep on my desk)
-difficulty falling asleep (clearly since it's 3am..)
-lack of coordination, which I really notice. I've been a dancer for 18 years, now all of a sudden walking into walls and door frames is frequent, I feel like my feet just get mixed up where they're going. Also hands too, I keep dropping things all the time, and failing my 3d art class because I keep slicing my fingers trying to cut materials that I have done a million times before.
-thinking is off. I know I have add but it's never been this bad, I'm like a space cadet with simple things or like I can never find the right words to say.. I'm a communication major I always have words to say! Now I get toungue tied
-can't do extreme temperatures, that has been since like senior year of highschool. Too hott or cold makes vertigo, light headed, and tingling go nuts and takes forever to go away.
-trouble swallowing only sometimes but it can be dumb things like the tiniest of pills like allergy pills etc

My boyfriend told me I twitch sometimes when I sleep too, and a lot of times he wakes me up panicking cause he said it doesn't seem like I'm breathing or it's too faint? Not sure

I don't know if they would all have to do with one thing, but I just figured I would list them all and it think I got them. Please help if you know or think I should look at this. Sucks I seemed to have lost credibility with my parents but I have never been much of a complainer. I tore both quads and left hamstring in one practice senior year of hs track, and had a bad kidney infection about 2-3 days later but still ran in districts that weekend to qualify for states. I'm not a baby I know pain and I know that something is wrong and everything I get is inconclusive. My dad is a radiologist so he would be doing the MRI, I just don't want them to think they are wasting their time or money. Please please any advice helps!! Thanks!!

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