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:wave: Welcome.

If I ran off a 'top ten' for a disease which mimics MS, it might fit you too. Sadly, there does not yet exist a single, specific test for MS. You could very well have one of over 400 known MS mimicries. Yes, you could have MS or one of an of the known mimicries. An MRI with and without contrast of at least your head and c-spine would be needed- BUT please know that the MRI IS NOT a specific test for MS. In the early stages of MS, some MSers may not have any lesions presenting. Also, high fever, infections dating back to childhood, migraines.....all of these any many more diseases can cause lesions to present.

You need to be evaluated by an MS Specialist (a neurologist whose specialty is MS). Your dad probably can help you in this area for getting an appointment.

You cannot blame yourself if you have MS because there is no known reason for it to present and no known reason for how we get it. I do not think you should feel you have lost credibility with your parents either. At this time, you could have something easily treated.

If you do have MS, you can still enjoy a career. You might need to discuss your long term career strategies and you might need a couple of years added to your studies to aid you in that endeavor. Think about a job which will allow you to be seated if needed and one which you can enjoy as stress-free as possible.

Anxiety and stress are your foes. Avoid them. Twitching in your sleep? No biggie. If you twitch all the time, write it in a symptom journal along with other symptoms. Bring this journal with you when you discuss your situation with an MS Specialist. MS does not end your career or life. It is chronic, but not fatal. You can teach dance if you cannot dance or any other career you might choose which incorporates your problem long term. I enjoyed a 20 year career in international sales and marketing before my MS finally worsened to the point I had to take disability.

Let us know how things progress and if we are lucky, we will see you waving good-bye to MS. Again, thanks :wave: and I am glad you shared with us. :angel:

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