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My name is Tina, and I am here to see whether you all think I might be having a second "episode" indicative of MS, or whether I'm just a paranoid hypochondriac. :)

A little history....four years ago, my left foot started to tingle, then slowly it moved up to my whole leg and then I started in with Lhermitte's sign (sp?). An MRI showed a lesion in my C-spine. At which point I was admitted to the hospital for steroid treatment, had a lumbar puncture and numerous other MRI's. At that time, only the one lesion showed on MRI, and the lumbar puncture didn't show any other indicators for MS, Lyme disease, Lupus, or whatever else it might show. I was referred to a neurologist who did tests on my optical and aural nerves. Basically, everything was normal except that one lesion. I eventually lost all symptoms, except for the tiniest residual tingling in my left hand.

Nothing else unusual for the four years since.

Then a while back my feet started hurting really bad in the mornings. Podiatrist said I had fallen arches and arthritis in my big toe joints. No big deal. But then my left hip became very painful, which lasted for 2-3 months. That finally went away. No real trigger and didn't really do much to get rid of it. Over the last month (or maybe two??) I've started feeling just downright achy all over most days. Mostly my neck, between the shoulder blades, lower back, hips. And I'm just exhausted. All the time. I got 9 hours sleep Wednesday night and by 2pm Thursday, all I wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep. If I had the option of going home from work and going straight to bed, I'd do it. And that's become my norm. I'm finding it hard to focus and concentrate. My husband has asked me several times in the last couple weeks out of the blue what was wrong with me, and told me I seem "spacy" or "totally out of it". I also feel like I've gotten clumsy. Nothing major...just dropping things here and there, knocking my head into shelves and cupboard doors, bumping into furniture, etc.

There's no one thing I can really put my finger on. Just that I haven't felt truly well in months, I ache, I'm exhausted and I feel like my brain isn't working right. Normal things take a lot of concentration. I'm forgetting things frequently. I just don't feel like myself.

I'm trying to figure out whether this could possibly be an indication of MS, or If I'm just too busy and stressed, or what. Any thoughts?

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