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I decided to do a separate thread from previous one to see if anyone has this same issue. I was told I have possible MS and am seeing a MS specialist on Wednesday. So even though I am not diagnosed I still am very curious about this symptom I have had for years. For the last decade or so I go through periods of burning in my upper arms and part of my back. When I think back they would last weeks then go away. But I also noticed my emotions or I guess you could say anxiousness was related to it. It didnt have to be a bad stress or bad anxiety. If I got anxious watching a movie or antsy about a situation boom the burning would start. So fast forward to September. Now it does the same thing in my legs. I work with teenagers and I had been doing sooo much better since my episode in September but Tuesday afternoon I got really stressed about that nights event and like a blowtorch was held to my legs it started again. Then they got weak again and sore. The next 2 days they still burned and left leg thigh muscle aches and sore. Today is better. If this is MS, can your emotions or anxiety or stress really cause a small episode like this? Does anyone have this burning sensation realated to stress or emotions? It is so strange and to try to explain it to someone makes you feel a little coo coo.

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