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Worried I have MS
Dec 8, 2013

I'm new here and currently undergoing testing for MS. I have a lot of the symptoms of MS but they seem somewhat different or far less severe than what I've read about. I know that doesn't mean anything and that you can't diagnose by listing symptoms alone.

I am curious to hear what others experiences have been and how the symptoms can vary in terms of severity. I also have had a doctor who has dismissed my concerns for a couple if years. I finally got fed up and switched doctors but par of me feels like maybe I am overreacting.

So, here is my long list of symptoms:

Stabbing pains - mostly in fingers but also in toes and other areas of my body. Feels like a needle stuck in me and left there. Sometimes it's a throbbing where I feel the stabbing for a second and it goes away for a second, then comes back, and goes away, etc. this can last a few minutes or days and is painful enough to keep me awake or have difficulty concentrating. Sometimes it's just like a constant pin ***** or knife pain.

Numbness in tips of fingers - this comes and goes and maybe feels more like a loss of sensitivity on the very surface.

Hands / fingers tingling, falling asleep - my ring finger and pinky fingers are always feeling like they've fallen asleep and I try shaking them out but nothing works. That half of my hand feels different but I don't know how to explain it.

Hands, wrists, and elbows ache and throb often. Sometimes it feels muscular and sometimes skeletal. Other times it is like patches of pain that come and go for a minute or two. It's like a radiating pain that feels hot and throbs. Very difficult to describe. Occasionally it lasts a while but usually it's more like it moves around my whole body, though it does tend to bother the same spots over and over, like my arms and hands/fingers.

Hands/toes usually cold, sometimes extremely so.

Weakness in arms and hands, arms feeling very heavy, like I canít lift them. I've also have seen my hand strength obviously diminish over time. I can't open jars or packages and have very little finger strength to pull on things. This is getting worse rapidly.

Stiffness, throbbing, and sometimes whole body pain where it feels like every joint or muscle hurts

Hip pain - I've had this for a while but recently it's been getting significantly worse to where I feel it ally he time. I also have sciatic, ankle, knee, and joint pain.

Muscle spasms, legs jerking and twitching. Occasionally fingers twitch. This is minor and does not happen more than a few times a month and it's typically short lived. I've had RLS for years but the twitching/jerking was never an issue before and the frequency of pain has picked up.

I've also had twitching eyelids and a muscle on my lip twitch for days at a time. Feels like someone attached a string to me and keeps tugging on it.

Trouble urinating, canít get myself to go and then canít empty my bladder completely, then will leak when I stand up. Sometimes have to urinate immediately, several times in a row. So urgent I cannot wait without experiencing extreme discomfort or pain.

Headaches - I've had for years but has been more frequent and more painful lately.

Blurry eyesight occasionally in left eye that I cannot refocus. Also, jerky movements from side to side for a second, then it stops.

Occasional sensation of something wet or cold touching me when there is nothing.

Occasional sensation of feeling itchy inside my muscles, not on the surface, that wonít go away.

Lack of coordination and balance. This has been a problem for a while but is worse lately. I'm constantly bumping into things, stumbling, falling over. I knock my hands and arms into stuff when I'm moving around all the time.

Can't remember anything. Have to write everything down. Never a problem before but lately I have to refer to notes to do tasks at work that I do daily. I forget conversations that I've had or even doing things I've done.

Depression - not new but definitely worse lately.

I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago and am mentioning it here because I've read that people with MS can have some bowel issues.

Numb lips. New symptom this week. Happened twice and lasted a couple hours each time. The second time my chin was partially numb.

Itching, specifically itchy feet and hands. Itch on my foot that is extreme and will not go away from anything. It comes in suddenly and goes away just as suddenly, seemingly for no reason. Sometimes it lasts for a few minutes, sometimes for days on end. The rest of my body is often itchy and I'm scratching all over.

Ringing in ear, can be very bad sometimes, it will just "turn on" at times. Recently hearing/feeling tapping in ear on ear drum.

Extreme fatigue. I'm exhausted all the time. My limbs feel like jelly from very little activity. I feel like I need more and more sleep and don't wake up refreshed. I often wake up in pain as well.

If you made it through all that, thanks for reading! Sorry it was so long. I don't know exactly what I want to hear from people. I guess I want to know that I should be perusing this. My symptoms are not debilitating but they are bad enough that I am uncomfortable most of the time and I have some sort of pain pretty much all the time. However, it's only occasionally so bad that I really can't focus on anything else.

Does it sound like this could be MS? I feel a little silly complaining about symptoms that I can deal with. How did it start for you? How do MS symptoms vary from descriptions online?

Thanks so much for your time and feedback.

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