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Hello everyone! My question is about diagnosis of MS....who may have had an MRI for a diagnosis and it came back clear? No sign of lesions but still have symptoms of MS. My Rheumatologist has given me a temporary diagnosis of Spondyloarthritis but he is still leaning towards MS. A neurologist that I was referred to did the MRI, but said it was clear and sent me on my way. I am awaiting a referral to a different neuro. I've developed over the past 6 mos. a very strange symptom of chills/coldness and I am very sensitive to the cold. I noticed also when putting on a jacket that just the feeling of the clothing going across my back, sends chills up and down my spine, usually just on one side or the other. My hands and feet are almost always cold, breaking out in sweats/hotflashes one minute and freezing from the inside out the next. I know it takes time for a diagnosis on almost any type of disease, but this has been 2 yrs. now. I also have arthritis symptoms, Memory loss, problems with concentration, blurred vision (just got glasses for the first time in my life about 6 mos. ago) I've noticed hot showers can cause tingling sensations or just depends. I'm just wondering if anyone has these same symptoms and if they have MS or Spondyloarthritis...I'm open to any and all comments!

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