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Have you been able to ascertain if the twitching and jerking and your foot problems are all MS related? I am not saying that they are not, but I know my MS Specialist would have me see my GP to have a first look. I will tell you that before I started stretching, twitching and jerking, especially in my legs, was a nightly ritual. You might try stretching before bed and make sure you are well hydrated during the day.

As to hands and feet, these are with me nearly daily. During the winter I get relief if I bundle up. I might wear a pair of insulated gloves indoors and outdoors and this warmth has really helped me. As to my feet in the winter, double socks help me and if the temperature is really frigid, triple socks. During the summer months my hands and feet respond well to cold water soaking and the numbness and tingling will subside greatly.

I would certainly speak with your neurologist about your problems. Lastly, some muscle jerking can also be due to vitamin/mineral deficiencies which can be easily checked. I hope you get some great answers from your doctor! :angel:
I have similar issues. Cold, sore feet that respond well to being bundled but (as I've just discovered) not well to a heated blanket. I also have twitchy legs especially in the evenings and at night. Apparently there's at least one medication that can help with this but you'd definitely have to ask your MS Specialist about that. I haven't taken any medication for MS yet.

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