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Thoughts or advice?
Feb 25, 2014
Here is my history

March 2011
-Nerve pain in feet and hands developed when pregnant
-Had normal induced birth due to blood pressure rise
-Nerve pain continued and only happened with motion

January 2012
-Freaked out I had ALS or something similar. Severe anxiety started. I've always had health anxiety for about the past 8 years.
-Went to neuro. He ran all tests. MRI of brain and spine. Did nerve test and emg. All normal and the nerves performed better than normal according to him. Said peripheral neuropathy I guess just based on what I told him.
-Just dealt with things and tried to ignore it.
-The nerve pain in the hands and feet went away and/or substantially subsided.

November 2012
-My mom (52) went in the hospital for liver chorosis. I started having a buzzing sensation in both feet and calves that is constant. I still have this today. She passed away a few days after Christmas. Emotions have been horrible and anxiety very hightened ever since.

January 2013
-Yearly neuro checkup. All looked normal to him. MRI of brain done again. Normal. Told him about the buzzing/vibration and he wasn't concerned.

February 2014
-Shooting nerve pain in right foot when extended and twisted. Buzzing continues. Can feel it in my hands when I'm really worked up. My buzzing did go away one night after a solid 8 hours of sleep. I've never felt SO good after that!

-Ankle pain in the same foot and nerve pain off and on.

I sleep terribly. Haven't slept 8 consecutive hours in 3 years.
-Went for neuro check up because my anxiety was so high. All was normal. Reflexes in knees overactive possibly from anxiety because I have a general anxiety disorder, physical anxiety, and hypochondria.

I'm having a VERY hard time accepting that I don't know what has caused the nerve pain from pregnancy. I constantly think this is MS/ALS and I'm going to be taken away from my family and 2 year old daughter. Neuro said if it was something bad I would've had more symptoms by now.

I'm not sure where to go next. Any advice would be appreciated! Still trying to decide if my anxiety is taking over.

I should also mention I was just diagnosed with a major vitamin d deficiency. I have to take a 50,000 mg pill a week. I just started this last Friday.
Thank you for your time!

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