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You asked is it normal for symptoms to dissappear and then reappear with MS. The answer is different for everyone. Ive had the exact same symptoms for 9 years, however, seasonally, they are worse and during those times, Im more aware of it.
Now, with shingles, which is a virus, the symptoms you describe are actually textbook. Ive heard so many people who have had shingles say the same thing you are saying....and the pain which remains after the worst of it is over, can be debilitating....the nerve pain, especially in the feet and hands, is also exactly as you describe.
I really dont think you have much to worry about. Of course the one thing I do disagree with, is that 65% of MSers, have lesions in their brains ONLY...and therefore, not having scanned your brain and brainstem, there could be something there to see, which you are unaware of at this time. Thats something that your doctor should be aware of, and something worth mentioning. I have over 100 lesions- not one of them is in my spine...
And by the way, an artifact is just as Jayhawk stated, but it can also be a shadow on the film, caused by moving, breathing, or malfunctioning of the machine (kind of a hiccup). Anything can cause an artifact, but what you need to know is that it is not medical.

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