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Could this be MS
Apr 11, 2014
I take Lithium (Bipolar) and Neurontin (for anxiety)
Had a baby 11 months ago

fatigue and weakness. Very tired throughout the day. Don’t know why. Wake up that way.

Tingling in my legs, feet (always) and my hands too. Feels like things are crawling on me sometimes. started before i went on Meds above

Feet vibart (just stated a week or so ago may 24 today)

Shooting pain in my arms. starts at wrist and shoots back up to my elbow.

Sometimes when i lay down it feels like waves going through my legs, starting at my back. Feels like on on a boat are in water kinda. Doesn’t happen as much anymore might be because of the meds tho. Use to keep me up at night along with the *****ly feeling

Tingling in my neck and shoulders. I’ve even had my neck to hurt. lately it has been tingling going down my back (comes and goes)

left arm has pain that shoots up and then stops only last a few sec

Dizziness and light headed sometimes usually when standing up. Reach for something and still feels like i’m moving kinda spinning. only last a few seconds. (comes and goes)

eyes getting kinda of hazy. Tony had to come and get me one night, I couldn’t see the road. (could be the meds)

Double vision stard month ago /feels like me eyes go crossword. no

Back pain / shoulder pain Tingling . When my daughter was in the hospital The tingling became worse in back. A perfect band showed up and ran across my back where my bra line of burning and tingling(last 5 days) Thats when i started to walk funny. Like my legs were very stiff

When I came home with my daughter from the being in the hospital with a UTI, thats when the leaning to right started, almost like i could fall over sometimes. (last 2 or 3 weeks) felt sick feeling

Tailbone hurts along with my hips sometimes (comes and goes)

Frequent urge or need to urinate. Hard to urinate . have strong urges to go but i sit pushing the pea to come out. Can’t hold my bowels/ had a couple of accident usually during the night/ also difficulty starting to urinate

I had constipation and diarrhea (could be the meds) usually if i have constipation it will follow with some diarrhea

Just got over this deep depression I was in (lasted about 3 weeks) Don’t think i was ever that depressed. But my depression comes and goes, been like that for years.

Angry outburst.

Sharp shooting pain on the right side of my head. Head tinglings on days this happens.

numb tingling feeling on face. doesn’t hurt tho

sometimes when something touches me i get a weird sensation in that area. like a burning cold feeling. never can tell which one and doesn’t last very long. Just about daily it will happen with out something touching me.

Have problems memory things. sometimes i will be in middle of a sentence and forget what i was saying. Can’t talk straight. especially when my child was in the hospital. I do it a lot at home. I have a hard time explaining things to my husband and can’t find the words. like where somethings at. My attention span sucks. Makes me not want to be around people. I have a very hard to being organized. when i use to be a very organized person. language problems

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