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Hi RaccoonGirl,

Do not exercise or any stretching. My concern is due to the amount of pain you are having that is surrounding your back. A possibility would be damage to the vertebrae (bulging disc, herniated disc, slipped disc, ect.)

Mechanical problems with your back can cause Neurological symptoms if those problems are in ant way affecting the spinal cord.

There are absolutely no symptom that is unique to MS, there are numerous other conditions that can cause the same/similar type of symptoms as MS.

[QUOTE] I also have seen glisten-y looking spots that come and go twice.[/QUOTE]

I am uncertain what you mean by this description, sorry.

Have you tried any over the counter pain relievers and have they helped with any of your pain?

If you do have MS then what you are experiencing would be termed an exacerbation. Exacerbations are caused by inflammation within the Central Nervous System(CNS) and can be treated with steroids which is an anti-inflammatory medication.

However, without a diagnosis that may not be an option.

Your Neurologist can treat your symptoms individually even without a diagnosis, of anything. You should not be left in that much pain.

In the case of MS symptom management:

Numbness, tingling, pins and needles are abnormal sensations (normal for MS). Neurontin might help but for the most part there is no treatment. These abnormal sensations can come and go on their own.

L'hermittes is when you bend your head forward and get abnormal sensations going down the spine, As an example: when I bend my head forward I get vibrations/buzzing from mid spine down.

L'hermittes can be repeated each time you bend your head forward but the abnormal sensations will only last seconds. There is no symptom management medication for this. A collar worn around the neck to immobilize it can be used but, this is not very practical.

[QUOTE]I felt like I was wearing a corset that was laced far too right. I felt like my ab muscles were constantly right[/QUOTE]

Are you referring to is what many call the "MS hug?" Muscle relaxers are usually what is prescribed for this symptom. Although it is called the "MS hug" this also has other causes.

[QUOTE]I am having a hard time holding smaller objects, dropping especially my toothbrush.[/QUOTE]

If this is due to MS there is no symptom management medication for this symptom.

[QUOTE]I'm having a hard time thinking and it seems to take a lot if concentration to spit out a sentence.[/QUOTE]

It is possible for this to happen due to pain, fatigue, anxiety and stress.

[QUOTE]I have been constipated the last couple weeks.[/QUOTE]

Proper bowel care such as drinking plenty of fluids, fruits, vegetables, fiber, ect.

If this a MS exacerbation it can get better but a time frame is unknown. Recovery or improvement in MS can be partial (symptoms come and go and/or residual symptoms) or complete (no symptoms). Partial improvement/recovery is the most common.

[QUOTE] If there is no definitive diagnosis for MS, and a probable diagnosis can take months or even years?[/QUOTE]

The answer is sometimes yes.

The road to diagnosis took me 3 months. That was from seeing my Primary Care Physician, to Neurologist, to testing to diagnosis. During that 3 months I was in a severe exacerbation and it lasted until about six weeks after diagnosis with my recovery taking almost a year in which time I had my second severe exacerbation and another 6 weeks to improve with recovery once again taking about a year.

My severe exacerbations symptoms:

- numb from the waist down which included the girlie parts
- severe fatigue
- extreme pain that brought me to tears to anything touching me (socks, shoes, sheets, blankets, a hug or light touch, clothers). This affected my entire body
- L'hermittes
- mobility was severely affected. I could barely walk.
- Bilateral leg weakness
- pins and needles in legs and feet
- buzzing/vibrations from the waist down
- hand tremors

[QUOTE]*feeling defeated*[/QUOTE]

Hang in there, RaccoonGirl. Hopefully you will have answers and treatment soon.

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