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I wanted to keep that post short and sweet, but these are my symptoms:

3-4 months ago started with constant pins, needles, and numbness in my feet. This has not ceased yet, about 5 weeks ago it traveled up to my waist, and has not subsided since. I was having severe aching and pain in my left hip. About 3 weeks ago numbness and pins & needles traveled to the bottom of my breasts down and has been continuous for about 2-3 weeks. Since then it's up to my neck. Then, 3 weeks ago it started in my pinky and ring fingers and has since spread to my whole hands. I am having a hard time holding smaller objects, dropping especially my toothbrush. I've been getting 1-3 new symptoms every day. Last week I described to a couple friends, and the doctors nurse that I felt like I was wearing a corset that was laced far too right. I felt like my ab muscles were constantly right, but it's had to tell because of the coinciding numbness. After I left the doctors office I was very terrified when I leaned my head down and felt a electric shock feeling run down my spine that almost brought me to my knees. Yesterday I had a headache and pain in my neck & lower back so bad I could have cried. I have been constipated the last couple weeks. I'm having a hard time thinking and it seems to take a lot if concentration to spit out a sentence. I also have seen glisten-y looking spots that come and go twice. I'm sure I can continue, but these are the ones that concern me most. In too much pain to work, and I need to get back. I need to be treated do that these symptoms can subside enough to get back. :(

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