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Possible MS.
Apr 21, 2014
Hi all,
I am in mid dx, waiting to find out what the outcome will be. I was initially dx with graves disease, had the radioactive iodine treatment, then went to hypothyroid instead of hyper, which brought on similar symptoms (so I am told) of MS, ended up in Hospital even, these were my symptoms according to Hospital report. (mind you I was told to get to the Hospital asap as my GP suspected a stroke at the time): 3 week history of generalised malaise, lethargy, and bifrontal headache associated with 2-3 week history of left facial droop, right arm weakness and clumsiness and dysarthria. Found to be hypothyroid following a recent radioiodine ablation therapy.
At the hospital they began to treat my hypothyroid with thyroxine (spell check) high dose and alot of the symptoms have subsided a little, note, a very little.
At the hospital I was given a CT scan, a MRI scan and a spinal tap with the following results:
Best appreciated on the FLAIR sequence, there is periventricular high signal seen together with scattered foci of high signal within the deep white matter seen in a pericallosal distribution. This is more pronounced than what would be expected for a patient of stated age of 43 yrs
Best appreciated on the sagittal FLAIR, there are multiple T2 hyperintensities seen at the collosal septal interface with a perpendicular orientation. These do not demonstrate significant enhancement. the main differential for this would be that of demyelination. Progress imaging is recommended.
MRI suggestive of idiopathic demyelination but no active lesions, further invstigation once hypothyroidism resolved.

soo, my neuro believes that some of my symptoms have nothing to do with the hypothyroid but wants to rule out other things, says she is leaning tward MS but will not give me a definitive dx till I go for more tests

I have had numerous blood tests that from what I read on them rule out lupus and recently went for an angiogram CT scan of my 'circle of willis' that my neuro says came back fine with no problem there.

Since then I have experienced: numerous times of numbing of my toes, and a vibration that started in my toes but at times expands to the whole bottom of my foot and half of the top of my foot, dizzy spells that have subsided to very mild, pain in my hips and buttocks and left leg down to the knee but seems muscular, does not feel like it is bone pain, mainly in my left hip just along the butt hip area and moves across to the right side from time to time sometimes also lower back. excruciating pain across lower ribs some mornings (both sides) and I've slept in a very comfortable bed for two years now with no problem and in the exact same positions I've always slept in. muscle weakness in arms after use for a short time, ie while drying my hair, typing etc, fatigue in the afternoons, but not enough to want to sleep like earlier, more I just need to lie down for a few hours because I feel sluggish and drained, memory problems in that short term memory seems scattered and my partner says I don't listen to him when he talks to me cause I forget or do not know what he said to me when he asks if I was listening.. even though I am positive I was listening at the time, just cannot recall what he said or only partially recall, slight numbness to my face but not all over only 'spots' not as bad as the initial droop in eyelid and mouth that has my neuro worried that it isn't all thyroid related, tingling in hands and feet mainly left side etc pins and needles almost always and numbness instantly if arms or legs are raised or tucked under for very short periods of time leading to pins n needles when lowered or straightened.. sorry this is a long post by the way..pins and needles all down the left side of my body on two occasions when I moved my head, frequent urination, yet only urinating in very small amounts, constipation at night and opposite in the mornings.

Sooo... I guess my question is, does this sound like MS and could my neurologist be correct in indicating it is 'possibly MS' and if not why would a neurologist state such a thing if they were not already partially sure of the dx?

Being in limbo for a dx is very frustrating!

Again sorry this was long.
Thanks for reading
Re: Possible MS.
Apr 22, 2014
Hi MSNik

Thanks for your reply =)

Being previously hyperthyroid (now hypothyroid) I have always had an intolerance to heat, though it has subsided a little since being dx with hypo, now it seems the cold gets to me as well.
But I have noticed, at work it gets quite warm in the area I work, ie room temperature and find by the end of work, my muscles, tingles and a slight eye problem (blurriness and small flashes in my left eye) tend to be more prominent than when I start work. Fatigue also kicks in quite quickly.
I actually haveto shake out my arms to relax the muscles, although it doesn't work that well unless I rest them, also my dizzy spells tend to come more often at work in that enviroment (warm temperatures in the office) than when I am home where it is a little more cooler.
Yesterday at work, I had three dizzy spells in the 4 hours I was there, which I was a little worried about as I haven't had a huge dizzy spell for a couple of weeks, the dizziness had tapered off a little so that the room didn't spin, I was just unsteady in the last few weeks but yesterday, I had to stop what I was doing at work and hold onto something when I was standing. Kind of concerns me as I ride a piaggio scooter to and from work. Is good we are heading into winter here as I could cool down before riding home (15min ride to and from work)
It also took till thismorning for the pins and needles in my left arm and left leg to subside after coming home from work yesterday.
So I put it all down to the temperature at work, before I even read your post.

My neuro is very nice, just seems getting an appointment booked with her is like pulling gold teeth from a gangster with no anesthetic lol, I am hoping after the easter break, she might be more available.. fingers crossed.

I've read alot of people's symptoms and I do find similarities, and to be honest am almost resigned to the fact it just may be MS, as from what I have learned, it just fits better than the other conditions my neuro says could mimic, but yes, am going to wait for the confirmation, because you never know huh.

I was thinking back the other day and realised over the years, alot of the more prominant symptoms I am experiencing now I have actually experienced in some form or another in the past, just put it down to other things, or ignored them as minor and not needing to worry about them. You get very busy in life, when little things of no real significance appear, you tend to fobb it off, but looking back now, I guess I realize, these symptoms have been going on longer than what I thought.

I remember waking in bed one night, and wondering what the heck was in my bed, I felt with my right foot that something was next to it and couldn't figure out what it was, kind of panicked, and when I threw the covers off, what I was actually feeling was my other foot, it was just very numb and I couldn't feel that I was touching it with my non numb foot. <~this is just an example that has happened a couple of times over the last 10-15yrs or so.. needles to say, it is a freak out thinking something was in your bed hehe then realizing it was just your own foot lol.

I am glad I found this site, you all sound very nice and it is great to chat to those in similar circumstances

I will keep all posted as I come to know more

be well
chooky =)

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