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Dont lose hope. Hoping that you dont have MS is a waste of energy. So what if you do? At least youll have answers and be able to start dealing with the disease.....this disease is different for everyone and its quite possible that this will be as bad as it gets and nothing further will happen to you. MS isnt a fatal disease- and its manageable. Knowing if you have it, will give you a big edge towards learning how to handle it...
I am not sure how the opthamologist supports the MS dx, but I know of very few eye doctors qualified to make this diagnosis....its just not there scope of expertise....if your doctor is right, you should be on your way towards getting in to see a MS specialist as soon as possible. So far, you have only the thoughts of a surgeon (neuro) and eye doctor to support your fears; neither is the right doctor to be seeing at this time. Please also keep in mind that MS mimics 400 other diseases, and without proper testing, you could be looking at so many other things.
If worse comes to worse and they are correct, you have us to help you start dealing with it, ok? PLease keep us posted and know that you are not alone- and that MS is very livable.

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