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Thats one of those things that we usually have to roll the dice on. In the US, insurance companies sometimes balk at having to do a MRI without reason- therefore, we are sometimes forced to see our doctors, before we can get the test done....other insurance companies are more lenient, and if they allow once a year (or twice a year MRIs) our doctors will coordinate them with our visits to get the test done first.
Im not sure how it works in Canada, or how long you will have to wait....that being said, if you dont get the test done before this visit- how long will it take to get in to see your doctor afterwards? If its going to take months- by all means, push for the MRI first....then again, how are you feeling over all and how long ago was your last MRI?
If your doctor suspects that you need an MRI to check on things, if that is being mentioned already, push to get the test done asap and push back the appointment. If your doctor isnt giving you reason to hurry up and get the MRI, dont worry about it. Once he gets the test results, if there is anything horribly important to discuss with you, youll get a phone call to get in quickly to see the doctor. Remember, the MRI is a diagnostic tool, its more important to base how you are feeling, what symptoms you are experiencing and how you are functioning- than what the MRI says. If I went by my MRI, Id be bed bound and curled up in a ball for the past 8 years. They get worse everytime I go....but I feel fine, function fine- and complain never....therefore, I try NOT to get a test. It only depresses me and confuses my doctor! (wink)

Does that help?

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