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Undiagnosed MS?
May 4, 2014
Hi guys,
So i'm completely new to this forum but i wanted to just get an insight on whether my worries are validated before i see a doctor.

I have been experiencing a great deal of different things, and i'm not sure if i just have lots of problems or whether they in any way suggest Multiple Sclerosis.

I have read a few forums and one thing i have noticed is that many people have reported problems with their eyes/optic nerve which led to a diagnosis.

I have not experienced any problems with my eyes besides head aches and had an eye test not too long ago and my eye sight is basically fine.

The symptoms i have been experiencing however are a little weird. One problem that i have had has been constant cramping in my legs if i stand up or walk around for too long. Sometimes the pain is so bad that i can't walk on them. When i was younger i had these pains and always associated them with "growing pain"- however i am 24 now and the pain is a lot worse and more frequent- and i'm definitely not growing!
I also constantly get a tight feeling around my chest, like someone is squeezing me. Sometimes i'm not sure whether the pain gives me anxiety, or i get the pain because i'm already anxious about something. It's so bad sometimes that i can't sleep properly because i feel constrained.
Next up is my urinating & constipation problem. The urinating issue has probably been the most frustrating because i have been to several doctors about it over the past year and i've seen a urologist as well as had an ultrasound on my bladder and nothing showed up. My issue is that when it reaches night time, i go to the toilet every half an hour/hour. It generally feels like i need to go to the toilet even when the smallest amount of urine reaches my bladder. When i go to the toilet it comes out in trickles & i have spent full nights on the toilet trying to get rid of the feeling of needing to urinate! It's so frustrating, especially because i don't sleep.
I am also heavily constipated a lot of the time and i only really go to the toilet once a week at the MOST but mostly it's once every 8-9 days. I have resorted to laxatives.

I have tried everything including changing my diet, eating fibre/chilli and not drinking too much before bed but these issues don't seem to go away.

I haven't experienced much else besides an inability to focus and process information quickly (but i think that's a woman thing haha- or i'm constantly thinking about a hundred things at once!)

But i just wondered if any of these symptoms suggest MS? Or am i over thinking it? I don't have any eye problems and that seems to be a leading symptom.

Anyway sorry for the long post and thanks for reading (if you made it this far)

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