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Hasimoto's overlaps with MS symptoms. This said, your best help is the doctor who handles your Hashimoto's. I would encourage you to start there and bring the doctor a list of the symptoms you have shared here.

Even though your sibling with MS represents a greater risk of your developing MS, it is still an insignificant risk. Could it still happen- yes.

Your grandfather and cousin's MS would bear very little upon your situation. If you were to eventually see an MS Specialist, you should share your family history with the doctor.

I do not want to sound dismissive, but I would encourage you to check the Thyroid disorders board under the Endocrine System here on this site. Share your symptoms there too and see if anyone with Hashimoto's shares similar problems.

As to your symptoms (my non-medical opinion is in parentheses):

- Numbness and tingling in extremeties, especially hands----(does not sound like Hashimoto's to me)
- Vibrating sensation in my back (feels like my phone is on vibrate on my back)---- (does not sound like Hashimoto's to me)
- Difficulty beginning urinating----- (does not sound like Hashimoto's to me)
- Dizziness/lightheadedness---- (does not sound like Hashimoto's to me)
- Whooshing sound in my ears---- (does not sound like Hashimoto's to me, is the "whooshing" like a pulse or the distant sound of a helicopter approaching and departing? If so, I get this and it is called pulsatile tinnitus and while it can be due to MS, it affects a very small percentage of MSers)
- Weird vision problems (please describe)
- Total klutz, no balance or coordination - I'm always falling!---( this could be many things)
- Weakness in legs, sometimes just one at a time---(Muscle weakness, especially in your lower extremities is a common symptom of Hashimoto's but it can also be MS or other causes)
- Slurring speech--- (mental exhaustion linked to my MS causes this problem for me. Hashimoto's speech problem would be a hoarse voice for which a doctor should be contacted right away).

There are no tests for MS. MS Specialists will do an initial visit to check reflexes, vision, numbness, etc. Afterwards an MRI would be ordered of the head and c-spine if sufficient evidence warranted it. The MRI would look for lesions BUT with or without lesions, a diagnosis cannot be made. The MS Specialist would have to lay aside your Hashimoto's symptoms and view any other symptoms such as you shared here.

You can start with your GP and have blood tests run to check for any vitamin deficiencies in advance because this can save you time. I would, however, start with your Hashimoto doctor who can determine if any of your shared symptoms are due to your thyroid and if any med adjustment is needed. If nothing pans out, then the doctor can help refer you to an MS Specialist and you can move forward from there.

There are over 400 diseases/concerns which can mimic MS including your Hashimoto's. MS symptoms usually come and stay (24 hours or more). If you have symptoms which coma and go, I would note these on a second list apart from those problems which have a longer duration. I hope you can resolve the issues and thanks for sharing here! :wave: :angel:

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