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Okay, I'm going to post here, because like most first-time posters who are having MS-like symptoms, I'm driving myself insane with worry.

Two years ago, I started waking up in the middle of the night with an arm(s) asleep. I would sit up, shake it off, and change positions, thinking I was just pinching a nerve or something. This occurred off and on for awhile, until I started noticing similar tingling sensations in my arms, and sometimes feet, during the day as well. At this point, I was concerned something more significant was going on because I couldn't "shake my arms awake" ... the tingling would linger.

I also started having localized, stabbing-like sensations at the top of my head. These sensations would come and go, but they were annoying as hell.

I thought I was just stressed.

At some point, I decided I should contact my GP ... probably because I was concerned I had MS or some sort of brain tumor. I am very in tune with my body and absolutely knew something was up ... more than just significant stress.

I went to my GP, she asked all the appropriate questions, and decided to do a full blood panel. She thought maybe I was diabetic, vitamin deficient, had Lyme, etc.. The blood work came back normal. I was still concerned because of my symptoms, so she sent me to a Neuro. While there, he asked the appropriate questions, ran some physical tests in the room, ordered additional blood work and sent me on my way. However, before I left, he indicated that if I wanted reassurance, I could do an MRI. I thought he was just offering it, not suggesting it, so I decided not to do it. He didn't seem overly concerned with my symptoms at the time, so I decided to brush them off to stress (I have a LOT of it in my life ... long story). Anyway, long story short, I didn't do an MRI. I feel like an idiot now for not doing it. Ugh. Part of me was just too scared and I really just wanted to chalk my symptoms up to stress.

It's two years later, I experienced an abundance of personal stress recently, we had a BIG heat wave come through town, I continued on with my busy life, and wouldn't you know it, my lingering, but not always super-noticeable, tingling sensations came back with a flourish. Tingling in my arms and legs, tingling in my torso, light-headed feeling, cramping in my feet. All things I used to try to ignore. Well, now I can't ignore them any longer. The tingling sensation is annoying. I mostly feel it when I'm sitting still (as a busy mom that basically NEVER happens), but the light-headed feeling is constantly there now, too. I used to just try to ignore the sensations/light-headedness but they're SO incredibly obvious and annoying now. And worrisome.

Looking back, I have off and on felt some sort of numbness in my big toe(s), but thought it was due to playing tennis. I ignored it for years.

I've also suffered from off-and-on "swooshing" sounds in my ear ... at the rhythm of my heartbeat. I went to an ENT, whom I totally trust. He couldn't attribute the sounds to anything specific.

I've also suffered from what I considered a very sensitive equilibrium ... elevators during long hotel stays, long car rides, airplanes, ski-lifts, etc., all significantly upset my equilibrium ... I feel like I've got sea legs for DAYS afterward. Up until the past week or so, I thought I was just extra sensitive to this stuff. Now I'm connecting the dots and feel certain I'm definitely presenting with "early" signs of MS (though maybe they've been there for years ... just ignored).

I called my GP. She said to contact the Neuro. I called his office. He wants me in for a follow-up. I'm guessing he's going to suggest and MRI again. I'm going to do it. Anything I should know about the MRI or related tests he may want to perform? I've read a lot about contrast. Is this important? Should I request it? Also, I live very near Standford Medical Center. They have an MS Center there. Should I bypass my local Neuro and go directly to Stanford? I know my GP would make the referral if I asked. Opinions? Suggestions? Advice?

Feeling afraid...

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