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Hi all, For about 2 years now, I've experienced tingling in arms, legs, feet, hands tongue and face. At least everyday but ice had a few days of nothing in between. My arms feel very weak. I have had forgetfulness, and sometimes I can't think of words I want to say.
I have had 2 MRI's the first nothing was found. The second a year later showed a solitary possible demyilating (sp) lesion on spinal cord.
Negative for Lyme, vitamin B deficiency, and normal ANA blood tests.
My mother has scleroderma. I am convinced I have MS. I do not feel myself. I wake up everyday numb/ tingly. Usually when I am tired I feel a sensation of water dripping down the side of my face. My lips tremble on occasion. I don't know what to do. I'm sick of feeling this way and I just want an answer. I work full time as a police officer and it is affecting my job. The guys I work with think I'm a moron for forgetting normal things!! Help!
Btw. I am a white female, 39 years old.

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