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[QUOTE=carbo29;5304766]If all the testing the doctor is requiring does nothing why do it? The results will not change anything. It's not like by knowing that there is a change it will affect the outcome. The dmd's have a 30% help rate. I do not say success because there can not be a success if it can't fix things, dmd's can cause cancer, liver damage and a few other nice things. There are no long term studies to prove anything. All the posted results from any trials are useless because the study time is short enough that the test subjects could just as easily gone two years without experiencing any major changes. Everytime I ask no one can give me a straight answer as to what these drugs are doing. They are not cures. They are cocktails of crap we are blindly putting in our bodies because we are told to do so. They don't stop ANYTHING.
Doctors are in it for the kick backs. We are simply guinea pigs. We have no control over the course, so again I say, what's the point? To shell out thousands of dollars so you can tell me the results to nothing you can fix? No thanks. I'm good.[/QUOTE]

Carbo... Again, I applaud the fact you don't just go along with anything the medical community tells you to do with your own body. Please continue to do your own research. That is how I found the article on medscape about three years being the effective time from for dmd's about 10 years ago. There was also a study released I read in the New York Time in July of 2012 that clearly talked about the inadequacy of dmd's. Please continue to protect yourself against the hopes of the medical community and the facts that are far more available via the internet than ever.

It is ALWAYS your decision and I pray you will exercise your right to make decisions for yourself and not be bullied in to do something you feel is not appropriate for your own personal journey.


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