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As you are down in Texas, I have to wonder if the heat is not hitting you too. When I have had pains in the middle of the night, it has usually been a seasonal trigger which I have to use my heating pad. I also have non-seasonal pain in the night which requires stretching. I have had to get up at night and stretch.

I think that beef and processed meat elimination can make a difference, but you need to allow your body time to make a difference. It may take a few months to make a difference, but if the red meat is triggering an issue, the difference will come.

My brother is down in Texas and his secretary has MS. Each summer she has to take leave because of the effects of heat. This has been happening for 13 years, but she is still working. When I was down in Texas outside of Houston, the heat was something that I did not like, but it was not until 2002 that it became a real issue.

As long as tomatoes are your friend, enjoy!! :) :) :) I am growing Indigo Rose tomatoes this year. They are purple with a spot of red when they are ripe. They are sweet but not acidic. They do really well in hot weather. The purple is from the DNA of blueberries and the result is the nutritional benefits of blueberries and tomatoes. :angel:

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