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Re: MS or anxiety?
Aug 18, 2014

I have a brother-in-law with CP and a classmate with CP. They both have things present sometimes which their doctors cannot explain but are believed to be CP related.

Side effects of meds can linger. My late mother experienced side effects with her meds that lingered for 3 months at the time. SHe had Parkinson's and the doctor in the ICU did not note her pre-existing PD. The PD research indicated that the med he gave her is stored in the fat and can linger longer with PD patients.

I cannot say with any certainty that this is your situation. You might try the CP folks here on this same site to see if there is any similarity.

Anxiety can be a standalone MS mimicry. If you anxiety has been lingering for some time, it can become disabling and mimics MS. Anxiety can also accompany MS. The only way to lay aside any MS or other mimicry is to be seen by an MS Specialist. They might find enough evidence to push you to a diagnosis, but then again, you might be sent to another specialist. Do you see a doctor for your CP? If so, ask that doctor what you shared here.

MS has no specific tests available. I would not want to summarily dismiss your concerns, but the possibility of MS would at cursory glance, be low I think.

An MS Specialist is a neurologist whose specialty is MS. Were you to have MS, the MS Specialist would have to eliminate all known MS mimicries and then, if you met the Revised McDonald Criteria, you would be diagnosed with MS. Seeing an MS Specialist would get you an answer as to what direction you need to go. MS is chronic, but it is not fatal.

:wave: Thanks for sharing. If we can answer additional questions, please ask. I am glad you found us. :angel:

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